I am currently working as a Penetration Tester at one of the largest banks in Australia.

Below are some of the companies I've worked for.


I was placed in Active Global Support, where I helped handle requests from customers, and through this, learned a lot about different SAPs products including SAP HANA and SAP Lumira.

BAE Systems AI

I spent my time at BAE Systems learning about cryptography and different techniques for ethical hacking/penetration testing, including Mobile, Web and Network Pentesting.


I was in a role similar to a DBA, in which I handled a database for a project within one of IBM's clients.

AES Tutors

I have been a tutor for AES Tutors since 2012, and taught subjects such as High School Maths and Physics.


I have worked in the APuHC research center since mid 2013, and helped enhance a Ruby on Rails project, and create an Android application for them.